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WOW tilt goes a long way, this looks WAY much better (although there are some weird deadspace)


Okok this took so long to do, but I like it now much more than I did before c: I changed the styling of the pages once again, moved things around, and finally started using style sheets for my needs.

11.10.23 - Spooky Season IS HEREEE !!!!

I UPDATED ITS LOOK, AND NOW ITS SPOOKY SEASONS. I LOVE THIS HOLLIDAYYY. I also changed how the site registers the css, so hopefully that will make making new pages easier.

30.9.23 - Regular site updates goal!!

Heya!! Some pages css were updated, and I added more art. I'm setting a goal to have an update at least every two weeks, but I'll try to have one every week c:

24.5.23 - Added many small stuff like widgets, and also buttons/mutuals.

Now that I feel that I have most of my main pages, I am going in and adding little details that make me happy. These small widgets are so cute. :3

14.5.23 - Page Style Updating

AHHHHH There has been a bunch of formatting update! Now all of the pages are unique with nice themes :>

22.4.23 - Life update!

Hello! My first blog post! This week I went to seattle, and I had so much fun there! I made this first post to keep a track of my life, and also a memorabilia of things I have done. Two weeks ago we left, and arrived home last week.

1.4.23 - First Update!

Hello!! This is the first update that im going to do, and I plan on doing recaps of my month and also having this act as a changelog for the website!


March 2023 didnt have that many things happening, I think the main thing that was really fun for me was being in a choir concert. This was my first time singing alto, and it was... interesting to say the least. I also learned a lot of css and html, and here I am now on neocities.

Website Changelog

Added more pages

Cat Photos :3

Figured out my theme

Added 2 secrets

27.3.23 - Page Officially Set Up