My first "Blog" post wow!


April 9

Today is easter, and also the day that we are leaving to go to seattle. It's a 6 hour flight which is the part that was the worst about today.

Getting through TSA wasn't a hassle, and other than that, boarding the plane was really easy. I think this is around my 4th time taking a trip on a plane, and it is very... interesting.

I got the window seat on the flight which is fun, although I'm going to have to get the aisle seat when returning home. :/

April 10

Our first official day in washington! Today we went to two beaches and I got some really cool photos. The pacific ocean is really different from the atlantic ocean that I am used to. Another shock that I got is that they don't have board walks here.

The first beach that we went to was really cool, because it was where the tree of life was.

Earlier in the day we also got to see a world record spruce tree.

After going to this beach, we went to ruby beach, where I was amazed to find all of these nice islands off of the coastline.

Ending the day we went to one final beach, and there is where I saw the magnitude of how big these waves could get.

April 11

Today we went into the woods! It was the first time I've seen snow on the ground all season. It was so cool seeing snow on top of the mountains, because I don't normally see that in the north east.

There were two trails, one more filled with moss, and one I'm more used to, being spruce trees.

April 12

Today we went onto some spits on the ocean. Here I saw Canada for the first time, and also seeing another country for the first time.

The beaches were calmer here, and they had a lot of good rocks, and driftwood.

April 13

We went to see whales today! They were so beautiful, and I got to see so many flukes. We also headed into seattle today.

April 14

Our second to last day in washington, and we went to Pike place. I found it to be like a market near where I live, but it was so much bigger. Tonight we went to see Phish and I found my way close to the stage and had a wonderful time.

April 15

Our final day in seattle, goodbye.